Choosing the right material for your water pipes means reliability and excellent water quality. With such an expansive number of plumbing pipe types and sizes, finding the perfect plumbing solution can seem daunting.

Popular Plumbing Materials

What plumbing materials can you expect to find in your home? You will find a variety of plumbing pipe types and sizes whether you have a new build or an older home. Many times you may need to update the water pipes for safety reasons or efficiency. Your house might have any of these materials:

  • PVC
  • PEX
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • ABS
  • Cast Iron
  • Galvanized Iron
  • CPVC

Typically copper, galvanized iron, CPVC, and PEX work best for your water supply. Waste lines often have cast iron, ABS, or PVC piping. Black iron works best for your house’s gas piping.

When to Replace Your Pipes

Homes built in the late twentieth century often have PB pipes. PB pipes may burst or leak, causing serious property damage. Replace old PB pipes with PVC or PEX. These pipes will last for almost a century. Copper lines last almost as long. PB pipes might poison your water supply.

If you experience discolored water, then you might have a corrosive pipe or even a problem with the main sewer line. Bubbling drains indicate potential problems.

Common Plastic Pipes for Water

Many water lines use PVC pipes for cold water. PVC does not withstand hot water well. Use PVC for:

  • Toilet
  • Bathtub
  • Vent Stacks
  • Sink
  • Main water supply line
  • High-pressure applications

Black ABS piping degrades over time. However, most homeowners find ABS easy to install. ABS works well with underground pipes. PEX pipes can be used for both cold and hot water. PEX will withstand cold weather and has lower corrosion.

Metal Pipe Options

Copper piping has heat resistance, resists corrosion, and resists microbes. While copper has a higher price tag, it has a lifespan of about fifty years. Use copper aboveground and underground. Galvanized Steel may corrode over a long period of time. Most galvanized piping needs to be replaced.

Call the Plumbing Experts

When you need to find the right materials for your water pipes, call the plumbing experts at Reliable Drain & Plumbing. We will help you find the right high quality long-lasting materials for your house. If you need plumbing replacement or have an emergency, Reliable Drain & Plumbing promises quick customer service and repair. We will come when you call. Contact Reliable Drain & Plumbing today.