Life can be turned upside down when you have a plumbing problem. Your plumbing system runs through your entire home. When you have flooding or a leak, you can suffer serious property damage and costly expenses. What are the most common plumbing problems today? And what can you do to prevent them?

Clogged Toilets and Drains

The most common problem homeowners have involved clogged toilets and drains. A backed up toilet can cause flooding throughout a home. While a plunger can take care of minor problems, you probably need to snake the entire plumbing system if the problem recurs.

Sometimes hair, tree roots, paper, or even a small toy will partially or completely block a drain. These items do not go easily down the pipe. Water cannot flow past the big blockages. Flooding results. Use a plunger on drains and toilets in your home whenever this happens. If you can reach the clog, then try to safely remove it with tweezers. Some chemical drains can clear minor clogs. If you cannot remove the blockage or already have flooding, contact a plumber immediately. They will unclog the drain and remove any blockages.

Prevent clogged toilets by telling friends and family members to avoid throwing trash down the drain. For example, tampons and wipes cause major clogs. Additionally, prevent hair from clogging up your shower with a hair catcher.

Leaks in the Home

Many homes have dripping faucets, minor leaks, and leaky pipes. These can add up to a costlier water bill. Leaky pipes can cause serious water damage, especially if they burst. Dripping faucets waste billions of gallons of water each year nationwide. Your leaky faucet may lose as much water as 175 showers over the course of a year! That is a lot of wasted water.

Most leaky faucets have a seal problem. The valve seat might corrode over time. Most of the time a leaky faucet just involves a quick pipe replacement. However, sometimes the leak requires a professional with specialty tools to repair the problem. Fix a leak before it becomes a massive disaster.

Water Heater Problems

Ever been blasted with cold freezing water during a shower? That might be a water heater problem! A number of reasons cause water heater issues. For example, you might have mineral deposits, not enough hot water, or the temperature might be set incorrectly. If water leaks onto the floor, call the plumber. They might need to flush the water heater. In general, most water heater problems require a professional plumber. Don’t try to fix the heater yourself as water heaters are dangerous.

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