Drain Snaking and Clog Removal in Toronto

When your drain gets clogged, it can make your daily operations grind to a halt. Your home relies on functional plumbing in both the kitchen and the bathroom. If your sink stops draining, you can no longer wash your hands with ease, or even do dishes. However, before you start taking things apart or dumping harmful chemicals down your drain, give us a call at Reliable Drain & Plumbing. We can help you with drain snaking and clog removal services. Here’s why these are the better choice.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are a favorite for many people, because they promise an easy and fast solution to your problem. The trouble is, you may be able to pick up chemical drain cleaner at the grocery store with your toilet paper, but they aren’t as convenient as they say.

Chemical drain cleaners may seem to work fast when the water starts going down the drain again. However, the water not being entirely backed up doesn’t mean the clog is gone. Chemical drain cleaners may create a hole in the clog but, as soon as they do, there’s space for the chemicals to drain themselves. Most of the clog may remain intact, limiting drainage and leading to another clog in short order. Therefore, chemical drain cleaners are a great way for companies to ensure repeat customers, as you return for more every couple of months.

Plus, chemical drain cleaners are bad for your pipes. Any exposed part of your pipes, such as the areas surrounding your clog, come into direct contact with those chemicals. The corrosive power of the chemicals can actually eat away at your pipes and make future bursts more likely. Replacing tons of pipes in your home plumbing is significantly more expensive than calling for professional help in the first place.

Proper Clog Removal in Toronto

The correct way for clogs to be removed is with a snake. Snaking a drain means screwing a spring into whatever is blocking the way and then pulling it out entirely. This is faster, safer for the pipes, and more effective at removing the blockage. Plus, if you live in a home that’s prone to drain clogging, you can even buy a handheld plumbing snake to keep on-hand.

However, if this isn’t a frequent occurrence, our team at Reliable Drain & Plumbing is happy to make a stop by your home and get it back in working order in minutes.

Toilet Drain Snaking

Drain snaking isn’t just for your kitchen sink. It’s also great for sorting out clogged toilets that are beyond the help of a plunger. Sometimes kids throw things into the toilet and flush them. Sometimes people unknowingly use “flushable wipes” without realizing they aren’t actually degradable like toilet paper. If you get a tough clog in your toilet, we can snake it out just like other drains.