When it comes to putting the correct piping in your house, bigger pipes aren’t always better. Instead, you’ll want to find the correct pipe size for your home’s needs. But there is still some misconception that bigger pipes result in greater water flow, which is better, right? So, will bigger pipes increase water pressure?

The short answer: yes and no. Larger pipes will increase the amount of potential water flowing through the line. However, if the water isn’t up to that necessary flow rate, it won’t increase water pressure.

Below, we will explain how different size pipe is essential in a household. We will also address the science behind why water pressure can remain static when lines do not.

Why Bigger Pipes Aren’t Always Better

You might think that having larger pipes in your home will get more water to where it needs to be. While municipal water systems have incredible pressure behind them, a larger line might not help things get where they need to be faster.

Much of this comes from the water flow. Water flow refers to the amount of water coming through a pipe. The more water coming through a line, the more pressure will come from the water.

The pipe needs to be large enough to handle the water flow coming from the other side. However, too much pressure can cause a more significant strain on pipes. So, a larger line has the potential to carry more water that can result in more stress. Still, smaller pipes have the potential to reach that pressure faster.

Static Pressure vs. Dynamic Pressure

More science comes into play when you consider static and dynamic pressure.

Static pressure is a continuous form of pressure coming from the size and dynamics of the pipe. This pressure remains unchanging, and it sets the limit to what the water flow can do. In a way, the size, type, and use of the pipe will control the max and min for your water pressure.

The changing water flow impacts dynamic pressure. The more water flows you have come through the pipe, the closer the line will reach its maximum allowance. If you exceed that allowance, you’ll hear groaning pipes and eventual water lines bursting.

If you were to link a colossal pipe up to a small line, it likely wouldn’t work because the static and dynamic pressures are far too different. That’s why it’s best if you keep at relatively shrinking sizes from the mains line. The further you are from the main line, the smaller your pipes can potentially be.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Water Pressure

Will Bigger Pipes Increase Water Pressure?

Suppose you want to increase your water pressure. In that case, you are best served by modifying the combination of pipes or adjusting the flow from the mains water supply. But one of these tasks isn’t suitable for DIY plumbing projects.

Instead, make sure your pipes are at their best configuration with the professionals with our team. Reliable Drain & Plumbing can help you out by solving any water pressure issues.