How to Fix a Drain Clogged with Hair

If you have a luscious mane of hair, you probably have a compliment or two from random people. This person might even say they want hair like that, but you doubt they would keep that opinion if they knew how much hair fell in the newly clogged drain.

If you’ve run into the problem of needing to remove hair from your drain, you know it can get tiresome. Below, we will delve into some tips for what you can do to remove hair in any condition.

Option One: Boiling Water

Hair by itself might not always be what’s clogging your drain. Sometimes, the buildup of soap and other bodily residues may intermingle with the hair. The boiling water can periodically remove the clog. Otherwise, it might just remove the residue from the hair.

If you own a kettle, that is the most efficient way to move a thin water pour throughout the house. Otherwise, you can boil water in a pot and pour it into a funnel.

Option Two: Wire Hanger

Options one and two go together nicely. Once you pour the boiling water into the drain, try and see about disassembling a wire hanger to shove into the pipe. Make sure that you have at least a slight curve at the end to lift the hair.

This wire hanger is the bootleg version of a plumber’s snake, which you can also rent from plumbing experts. If the budget is already pretty thin, a bit of work with a wire hanger will work. However, it won’t work with minor clogs.

Option Three: Soda and Vinegar

That old science experiment you did in elementary school is for more than just making kids go “Woah.” Instead, you can use it to loosen the contents of your drain.

Please start with the baking soda (typically about a cup) and give it a couple of seconds before pouring down a cup of vinegar. That combination will create an acidic reaction that will remove deep clogs, which you cannot remove with wire hangers or hands.

Option Four: Drain Cleaner

Option four involves going to the store and buying some drain cleaner. Many companies make drain cleaner specific for hair clogs. Otherwise, most standard drain cleaners will work with organic material.

Make sure your pipes can handle any form of drain cleaner. Older homes are sometimes stuck with tubes that don’t work well with pipe cleaners. If you aren’t sure, you have option number five.

Option Five: Call a Professional

When all else fails, your last option is to call the professionals. As you might expect, this blog is associated with professionals, so we prefer ourselves.

If you have a stubborn clogged drain that isn’t going away, the problem might be related to something more complicated. Hair clogs can lead to additional problems when left untreated. If you start to hear weird noises coming from your drain, it may already be too late. Reliable Drain & Plumbing offers 24/7 drain cleaning services at affordable prices.