Do Plumbers Handle Dishwashers?

If you have been in a “before and after” situation with dishwashers, you know that owning them is a real “first world problems” situation. Cleaning your dishes manually in the kitchen sink is something you wouldn’t want to return to. But if the dishwasher breaks, do you call an appliance repair person or a plumber? 

A dishwasher repair person is for the inside of the machine, while a plumber is for the outside. Because plumbers handle issues regarding pipes, they might not know how to manage your dishwasher.

Your appliance repair professional and plumber are both great at what they do. But crossing their roles will result in you wasting your money on an unnecessary service call. 

If you don’t want to make any call, here are a few tips for DIY dishwasher repair.

What To Do If Your Dishwasher Isn’t Cleaning Right

The most common issue for dishwashers comes from a lack of cleaning effectiveness. Typically, this issue comes from one of two situations:

  • Your dish detergent is ineffective
  • Your float switch isn’t working 

Low-quality detergent will not clean your dishes effectively. To test this, switch to a different detergent brand to see if your dishwasher cleans effectively.

The float switch exists to measure the water level in your dishwasher. If it doesn’t work, your washer will not fill the tub. This will prevent any water flow from occurring in the washer. No flow = no clean.  

What To Do If The Dishwasher Isn’t Draining?

Much like your washing machine, you need to ensure the drain hose is connected correctly. Your washer won’t drain and leak water all over your lovely floor without a proper connection. 

If you know your hose is suitable, you might have a blockage. Check the bottom of your washer to see if anything is blocking the bottom half. 

Believe it or not, this issue is relatable to the frequency of cleaning and the type of dish detergent you use. Doing both can cause significant problems for your drain.

If you feel the issue is deeper in your drain hose, you will need to remove it from your washer. Be sure to turn off the water before removing any hoses. A professional plumber can help. 

What if Your Dishwasher Isn’t Filling?

Plumbing issues on the other end of your washing appliance are also possible but less common. If your broken dishwasher isn’t filling up, it’s related to a few problems.

First, check to see if your water is on. If you had another recent repair and checkup, there is a good chance that this might be an issue.

You might also leak deeper in the line, resulting in a fair potential for water damage. Check the area underneath your sink for pooling water. 


There are some cases where your plumbing partner does handle this process. Thankfully, Reliable Drain & Plumbing handles both dishwasher installation and repair. So if you have any problems with your washer, contact us to address your concern.