Burst Pipe Repair Services in Toronto

Are you dealing with the results of a burst pipe? Reliable Drain & Plumbing is here to help! We’re the #1 plumbing service for burst pipe repair in Toronto. Call us today and we’ll get you out of your jam. Here’s what to do.

Get a Bucket

If you find a pipe in your home has burst, the very first step, before anything else, is putting a catch under the leak. For fast, gushing leaks, skip this step and go directly to step 2. However, for slow to moderate leaks from exposed pipes, get a bucket or large bowl and place it under the leak to prevent further flooding.

Turn Off Water

Near your hot water heater, there should be a valve. Turn this clockwise until you can’t anymore and it will prevent anymore water from entering the home. The burst pipe will continue to leak until the pipe is empty, so keep a bucket or two on hand and switch them out when full until the pipe has emptied.

Dry Up Flood Water

Once the water has been turned off, immediately begin drying up flood water. A floor that’s completely covered in even a small amount of water for even a half hour can become irreparably damaged. Even sheet vinyl won’t save your floor if the water gets under the baseboards and seeps underneath it. Then your subfloor is at risk of warping and rot. Therefore, as soon as you notice the burst pipe, turn the water off and dry your floors.

Call for Burst Pipe Repair Services

After all of the above damage control has been done, give us a call. We’ll be there as soon as possible to bring you burst pipe repair services. Burst pipes can be repaired or replaced, depending on how extensive the break is. Cracked pipes can sometimes be repaired with thick, rubber sleeves. However, pipes with extensive damage will need to be replaced.

Repair Damages

Once your immediate crisis is averted and your home plumbing is back in working order, you’ll need to consider damages. Never assume your home is fine after moderate flooding. We recommend you have your home inspected for water damage by a professional. The sooner you repair water damage, the better. Ignored water damage can lead to mold, which can spread into the structure of the home and rot wooden supports. Structural damage is much more expensive to repair in the end. Not to mention, structural rot is dangerous, and so is mold in the air.

Plumbing Damage Prevention

To prevent future pipe bursts and plumbing damage, be sure to follow plumbing maintenance guidelines. For example, ensure your plumbing is cared for properly in the winter. A huge number of burst pipes come from plumbing freezing in the winter. Otherwise, have your plumbing inspected every few years, keep an ear out for odd sounds, and don’t let plumbing oddities go ignored.

Call us if you have questions or need our help with burst pipe repair services in Toronto. We’re here to help!