What Plumbing Can I Do Without a License? (Unlicensed Plumbing)

When you run into issues with your pipes or other water issues, some people may start to wonder about the repairs they can do. Everyone wants to save money, and being a DIY repair person (through unlicensed plumbing) is one way to do that. So what kind of plumbing can you do without a license? […]

Can I Hook Up a Double Bathroom Sink to a Single Drain?

When seeking a double sink drain replacement in North York, you may wonder how you can prevent weird plumbing issues. One of these non-standard bathroom applications includes a double sink, which can be great if you and your spouse need to get ready at about the same time. But can you hook up a double […]

3 Main Components of a Plumbing System

Each plumbing system has three major components: pipes and fittings, drainage, and fixtures. Knowing how the plumbing system works in your home helps you find the best and safest plumbing pipe and helps you minimize plumbing emergencies. With proper maintenance and proper installation, you can enjoy years of a stress-free plumbing system. Get better insight […]

Does ABS Plastic Break Easily?

What type of plumbing should you use in your home? Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic (or ABS) pipes are durable in lower temperatures. But is plastic plumbing safe? What are the advantages and limitations of ABS piping? Find out everything you need to know about ABS with our brief guide. Advantages of ABS Piping ABS piping […]

What are the Best Materials for Water Pipes?

Choosing the right material for your water pipes means reliability and excellent water quality. With such an expansive number of plumbing pipe types and sizes, finding the perfect plumbing solution can seem daunting. Popular Plumbing Materials What plumbing materials can you expect to find in your home? You will find a variety of plumbing pipe […]

What Type of Plumbing Do I Have?

Modern plumbing uses a variety of pipe materials. Each have their own use and function. Knowing the types of plumbing best for your home eliminates property damage and expensive plumbing bills. The main five types of pipes include galvanized, copper, PEX, PVC, and ABS piping. Both older and newer homes have this type of plumbing. […]

Can Snaking a Drain Make it Worse?

Clogged drains can cause massive flooding and water damage to your home. Sometimes paper products or hair clog up the pipes, making it impossible for water to flow. When this happens, unclogging the drain is necessary. However, what is the best drain snake option? And does snaking a drain make it much worse? When you […]

What are the Most Common Plumbing Problems?

Life can be turned upside down when you have a plumbing problem. Your plumbing system runs through your entire home. When you have flooding or a leak, you can suffer serious property damage and costly expenses. What are the most common plumbing problems today? And what can you do to prevent them? Clogged Toilets and […]