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Water Service Replacement

Reliable Drain & Plumbing targets to replace the city’s old water pipes during the planned construction of roads, buildings, water line construction, or main water stream construction. Main pipelines may burst, broken or can leak due to factors as sunlight, erosion or chemical substance. This directly affects the water system of cities houses. Well planned and use the latest technology in making.

The water replacement program is important for a number of reasons. As a water line begins to reach the end of its useful life, it can spring leaks. This can lead to a line break, which may disrupt water service for residents and businesses. If leaks or breaks begin to occur frequently in a water line, however, this can lead to larger, costlier problems.

There are other reasons to replace water mains as well. In some instances, certain pipe materials, such as PVC, concrete, or unlined pipe, have variable lifespans and require more maintenance than other materials, e.g. ductile iron. In other cases, the original line may have become too small to adequately serve the area that has grown up around it or there may be too few if any, fire hydrants connected to a line.

Get New Copper 3/4″ or 1″ water supply pipe for your home!

More water – use your shower, and dishwasher, and laundry on the same time!
Clean copper pipe instead of galvanized rusted pipe

Reliable drain and Plumbing Toronto Company with extensive experience in upgrading water supply lines. We can help improve the water pressure in your plumbing system, relocate water meters, change lead pipe to copper pipe, and fix frozen pipes to prevent burst pipes.

In the water supply system, pipe of increasingly smaller diameter is called for as the supply pipes branch out from the water main that enters the house. Water in the main is under tremendous water pressure – sometimes far more pressure than can be safely handled by the individual sinks faucets, toilets and appliances in the home. The successive drop in pressure as the water moves from main, to primary supply lines, to secondary supply lines ensures that each appliance receives an appropriate amount of pressure.

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